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Support employees to take climate action on 21 May 2021

While the rest of the world is using the coronavirus economic recovery as an opportunity to build a better future, Australia is doubling down on its business as usual agenda: fossil fuels.

So on May 21st, we will not be doing business as usual. We’re supporting our employees to join student strikers and take action to put climate back on the agenda.

As the businesses that make up Australia’s economy, we won’t accept a gas-fired recovery. It’s time for Australia to commit to a clean energy transition.

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Why the strike matters

2019 Climate Strike

The student led May 21 climate strike will be held 10 days following the delivery of the federal budget. Australia could be a renewable energy superpower. Instead, the government is fast-tracking coal and gas with public money. In the last year alone, fossil fuel subsidies have cost the country over $10 Billon, or $19,686 per minute^.

Hundreds of school children are calling on adults to join them in sending a message to the government: now is the time to fund a future that works for all of us.

The more of us that take action, the stronger the pressure on government.

^ Source: The Australia Institute. Research linked, from April 26, 2021

Who We Are

We’re a group of Australian businesses pledging to support worker participation in the climate strike on May 21.

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