September 20, 2019 was not business as usual.

From September 20 through 27, millions of  people across the world gathered to demand urgent action on the climate crisis.

United across timezones and cultures, these rallies were the biggest climate protests in history.

Not Business As Usual made a splash

Big and small, local and international – press across the globe was picking up our story: thousands of businesses across different sectors pledging to support their employees to strike for meaningful action on climate.

Growing support from Australian businesses meant thousands of workers took to the streets to support the student strikers.

By the day of September 20, 2,900 companies had joined the Not Business As Usual alliance. By September 27, New Zealand businesses had taken that number to 3,133.

From holding a no-meetings day to completely closing their doors, the pledges made by companies around the country were powerful.

The pledges

We’re closing the doors of our 35 shops in Australia in solidarity with the youth and so our staff can participate in strike events.

We’re also closing shops in the United States and Europe.
Our Ben & Jerry’s corporate offices around the word will also close during the strike to allow corporate staff to attend events.

Ben & Jerry’s

Christopher Miller, Global Head Activism Strategy

We will closing the doors to our stores, as well as our Head Office from 10-12 on Friday 20th of September to rally against Climate Change and the inaction of our governments.

Afends staff will be walking down the streets with banners to show our support to this great initiative started by some incredible kids.


Dana Khader, Operations Manager

We'll be closing the office and joining the other strikers in Hyde Park Sydney.


Mitchell Taylor, Co CEO / Founder

Staff are supported to join the strike actions around the country, and members of our Executive team will also be joining the strike.

Bank Australia

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, Manager, Strategy & Planning

We're not hosting our usual all hands at that time, to allow people to go. We'll also be supplying our staff with custom-designed posters to use and distribute at the event.


Cameron Adams, Co-founder

Maurice Blackburn is committed to addressing environment issues and climate change, that's why we are encouraging employees to join the climate action.

We have advised all staff across our offices that they are free to take part in the action planned for next Friday 20 September.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Dana Khader, Operations Manager

We're going to the rally and the march. One of our community projects is running a bike train to school for 5-7 year olds. We're taking a bunch of those kids out of school and biking them to the rally. It's a 15km round-trip and for most of these kids will be the furtherest they've biked. It's an epic adventure for young kids who are already committed to the cause...and they're doing a Facebook Live stream from Aotea Square so their classmates back at school can join in.


Matt Fordham, Founder

The whole team from the Auckland office will be at Aotea Square at 12noon in CanTeen Bandanna's and T'Shirts - we support young people on their journey with cancer - their own or their family so we will feel so strongly in supporting our climate.

CanTeen New Zealand

Natalie Jones, Partnerships Manager

Our normal business hours for the Centre is closed. We are hosting a planting bee in the morning open to the Raglan community and are attending the Hamilton Climate Strike in the afternoon.

Whāingaroa Environment Centre

Jasmine Hunter, Centre Coordinator

We're closing our doors in the morning, have provided materials for sign and banner making for the team here, and it's been made clear that, from the very top of the organisation, taking part in the strike is much more than allowed - it's actively encouraged.

NZ Green Building Council

Niall Bennett, Head of Communications

We're supporting all our team to participate in the strike. We are also encouraging our supporters to take part in the strike, along with taking action on climate change.

Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand

Melanie Vivian, Founder & CEO

We will close for the afternoon. Staff will be going to our local School Strike and volunteering as Safety Marshalls.


Ants Field, Owner

All day off.  We are performing a set of poignant songs at the Climate March in Kaitaia in support.


Amira MudWood, Co-Director

Most of our team are attending the strikes together and hope to put on face painting for other strikers as a team activity.


Holly Norton, Chief of Community

We are heading down to Parliament, loudly! We scheduled our week around this so it was possible.

Wā Collective

Olie Body, Founder & Managing Director

We’re attending strikes in Wellington and Dunedin, and we’re giving away 1000 native trees to striking kids in Dunedin to take home and plant.

Trees That Count

Melanie Seyfort, Head of Marketing & Partnerships

I have encouraged all 24 of our staff to participate in the event. We have made it a staff event in our company calendar.

Hikurangi Cannabis Company

Manu Caddie, CEO

We've agreed to it via consent based decision making and we're supporting each other to march together!

Bamboo Creative

Damian Sligo-Green, Director

The workers of Cellar Door Provisions have by consensus unanimously decided to close for both daytime and nighttime services on September 20th, host an art-making party open to all from 8am-10am on the day of action, and most of us are also participating in our local demonstration in Chicago as a collective of workers.

Cellar Door Provisions

Tony Beszylko, Co-owner & Operations Manager

Our office is shut for the day and we are heading to the Berlin and Paris strikes. We also have an ongoing Climate Leave Policy that allows employees to take time out of work to join the climate action movement. We support our employees' participation in civil disobedience for the climate, it's a matter of personal choice for each team member how they will be involved - but if necessary we pay fines and offer legal support.


Hannah Wickes, Chief Marketing Officer

We are an organisation that works with 25,000 teachers a year, so it is an important discussion for us that students are leading this campaign! Some of our staff are attending rallies, and at workshops that we are running that day with teachers and principals we are having a discussion on the role that students are taking and how educators can best support real change for the climate.

Education Changemakers

Aaron Tait, Co-Founder & Director of Innovation

Soulfresh will stop work at lunchtime tomorrow at its offices throughout Australia, the UK and NZ, as our employees join the Strike against Climate Change.


Didi Lo, CEO

We'll be closing doors on the day and participating in the strike as a whole company. Throughout the week our staff have been preparing banners of their own for the movement.

Todae Solar

Jake Yen, Marketing & Strategy Coordinator

We will be closing doors during 11-1pm to join climate strike rally in Shepparton Mall.

Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation

Monica Morgan, CEO

All of our 30 headoffice staff have been asked to attend the strike in support of RAW’s commitment to help drive climate action and to raise awareness of the need for businesses to go carbon neutral/climate positive.

RAW Travel

Birte Moliere, Sustainability Strategist

We’ve made the strike a core priority, as it aligns with our purpose of helping our youth to creative the innovations which make life sustainable on our planet

EarthTech Ventures

Anthony Moorhouse, Co-Founder

We're closing from 9am to 2:30pm, opening for an hour and a half at the end of the day. We will be taking our 8 year old out of school and endorsing our 16 year old to walk out of school to attend the local strike

Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies

Madeleine Smith, Owner

We're offering staff as much time off as they need this Friday 20th September to attend an officially organised Strike in their nearest city. We're encouraging all staff who feel strongly about the issue to reschedule any meetings they have with clients, and speak openly to them about it, and encourage them to do the same, with full the full backing of the company.


Marina Pliatsikas, Marketing Manager

We're offering long lunch for staff and holding a free Global Climate Picnic on site for parents and young families where children will be creating posters from recycled materials in support of the #ClimateStrike

The Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living

Anne Maree O'Neill, Education Officer

I have to pasteurise milk, however, I will make sure my 17 staff are aware of this action, why it is so important and ask what can we do to support this as it affects us all. It is good to see the next generation voice what our government is not.  Stop pandering to the top 1%.

Tilba Real Dairy

Erica Dibden, Owner

We will closing the doors to our stores, as well as our Head Office from 10-12 on Friday 20th of September to rally against Climate Change and the inaction of our governments. Afends staff will be walking down the streets with banners to show our support to this great initiative started by some incredible kids.


Dana Khader, Operations Manager

We are supporting all staff to attend the local Bellingen Climate Strike. We are committed to the future of the planet as regional sustainability leaders and as a carbon neutral company. We are ongoing supporters of Oz Green & ‘Youth Leading the World’.

Affirmations Publishing House

Julia Ehemann, Production Manager

We have made all strike related participation now and for all future events part of our standard paid working hours, with participation at the discretion of each staff member. We encourage staff participation and we will show public support on our corporate social media channels.


Luca Gnezda, Director

We are actively encouraging staff to take the time off work to strike if they are passionate about climate change. We are also providing lunch and announced the strike internally to our entire Sydney office.


Kate Pullinger, Chief of Staff & Head of Legal

We've encouraged all of our team to block out their calendars inline with their local strike so that they can attend. Any clashes with meetings or BAU work will be rescheduled in favour of attendance to participate on company time as a priority if they so choose to.

Who Gives A Crap

Simon Griffiths, CEO

I don't have any employees, it's just me, but I'll close shop for the day in solidarity and advertise why in my email out of office message and on my social media.

Wayfinder Travel & Cruise

Sarah Webster, Owner

We are closing our doors and having a protest picnic. The team and I will be dragging full sized solar panels to the event and protesting for a change.


Blair Pester, Managing Director

We're closing our doors for the afternoon so our whole company can attend the Melbourne rally. All employees will be paid and compensated as normal.

League of Geeks

Trent Kusters, Co-Founder & Director

We'll all be attending our local strikes to support kids. Our eco-warrior dirtgirl will be standing with young children and families in the Sydney strike and we'll be encouraging the littlest voices in our communities - those with the most to gain - to join in, wherever they are.

dirtgirlword / mememe productions

Cate McQuillen, CEO

We'll not accept any more reservations for our hotel on the 20th and ownership will attend to all room cleaning, check-in's and other guest matters to allow our staff to strike.

Remington Flats Hotel

Ann Cross, Owner & Operator

99designs is offering employees a paid volunteer day to attend the climate strike. Our Melbourne team will spend the morning doing a rubbish collection in our neighbourhood, collecting any discarded litter and ensuring it’s disposed of and recycled correctly. We’ll then walk into the city from our Richmond office to join the strike in Treasury Gardens. Our teams in California and Berlin will also be supporting local events and demonstrations.


Kylie McAlpine, People Operations Manager AU

We are a home-based business in a small country town and will be letting our clients know that we are not available Friday 20 September - we are travelling to Brisbane to join the strike.


Inge Moffatt, Co-Owner

We're a small B-Corp who give a lot of our time pro bono to support systems change finance, building an impact investment and social enterprise market in Western Australia. The climate emergency impacts us all, and 3 hours out of our day on Sept 20 is nothing in comparison.

Impact Seed

Sven Stenvers, Founding Director

We are closing our doors. I am also personally taking my children out of school for the day. They're only six and three years old but their voice counts for so much

The Conscious Space

Jess McLeod, Founder & CEO

We sought team members views on whether Square Peg should support the strike and our team unanimously supported participation. All team members will have complete autonomy to participate in the strike  to the extent that they choose.

Square Peg Capital

Paul Bassat, Partner & Founder

No ThoughtWorker will have leave refused to attend the strike. We will cater lunch for our colleagues and using the time to build a shared understanding of the climate crisis and our ongoing response. We are running craft workshops for building protest signs.

ThoughtWorks Australia

Tom Sulston, Social Justice Principal

We advised all staff they were welcome to strike and offered $40 petrol money to help them get to one.


Jenny White, Owner

We're encouraging our team to take no meetings, and we're giving everyone time to join the protests if they wish to.

Culture Amp

Douglas English, Co-Founder & CTO

Any team members who wish to strike are supported by us and we'll go on a team bushwalk to love our planet!

Flora & Fauna

Julie Mathers, CEO

We're attending the march in Melbourne, encouraging our visitors and customers to join us, flying a giant kingfisher puppet, and closing our Visitor Centre for the day.


Sieta Beckwith, Narrative Director

Well there’s only one of us full time (me). We are a start up social enterprise! But I will be on the strike and I’m looking to host an event at a bar in Brisbane but also kern to provide beers for any businesses watching 2040 with employees or Friday drinks after the strike with our Great Barrier Beer for the Reef - it supports action on the climate crisis and pollution to save our Great Barrier Reef.

The Good Beer Co

James Grugeon, Founder

I am only a business of one but I support many other businesses in my role as a bookkeeper. I will not be working on September 20 and very much look forward to explaining to my clients why.

Code Accounts

Kali Boermans, Owner

We're enabling our global team to take a half-day to join the strike in Melbourne, San Francisco, New York and Berlin.
We're planning some additional activity on and to coincide with Greta Thunberg's speech at the UN.


Barry Newstead, CEO

We have notified all staff that they are free to participate in the climate strike; any staff electing to participate will receive full pay, i.e. annual leave will not be deducted. As a technically-leading, decarbonisation-focussed building services engineering firm, we want highly engaged staff that are cognisant of the world around them and their place/responsibility in it. This is action is fundamental to our core values.

LCI Consultants

Alan Davis, Senior Associate

For any of our staff and their families who wish to join the strike, we will provide them with the time off. Indeed, we were active supporters of the SchoolStrike4Climate last major strike prior to the Federal election. As founders, we also intend to join the strike in Melbourne and march with our own kids (aged 5 and 9).

Whole Kids

James Meldrum, Co-Founder

We dedicate, support and promote active participation of the initiative... for all of our team members as well as their family and kids.

Max Lynam, Founder & CEO